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How To Cook Fudge

how to cook fudge

    how to
  • A how-to or a how to is an informal, often short, description of how to accomplish some specific task. A how-to is usually meant to help non-experts, may leave out details that are only important to experts, and may also be greatly simplified from an overall discussion of the topic.

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"Rose's Meatballs Were Desserted" by Iris H. Zuares

"Rose's Meatballs Were Desserted" by Iris H. Zuares

Rose deemed herself a decent cook
made comfy food that's all that it took
Tino liked his middle eastern dishes
Rose learned to make them rather delicious

they had a tenant italian was she
lived upstairs in an apartment you see
Vincenza was her name and she made great meatballs
Rose learned to make them without any flaws

Rose had a friend an intellectual by choice
a PHD psychologist with an outspoken voice
she wrote a book published by Harvard press
you must think this story is nuts as I do digress

trust me it will all make sense
give me more time to add to the suspense

her friend Sharon liked the meatballs Rose made
was having a party and the book would be displayed
this group of people would be all professors fancy and high brow
Rose wasn't sure if she'd fit in some how

but they were friends and Rose would be willing to attend
she didn't want to say no and have the friendship end
Sharon asked Rose if she would make her famous meatballs for the crowd
Rose agreed sure as plenty of time would be allowed

the day of the party was a Saturday she knew to mark it down
Rose and Tino were not going out of town
Saturdays were busy and always packed tight
when working full time you loved your freedom in daylight

she spent that Saturday out all day
realizing she didn't have all this time to play
upon getting home she became aware of the time
she was running late and saw the USDA ground beef prime

she had to shower and look her best
and still make the meatballs as she was a guest
Rose decided to make a meatloaf instead
used the same ingredients and this she wouldn't dread

she'll cut the loaf up when they get to the party
Rose figured now who was the smarty
arriving on time to a magnificent abode
it was a colleague's of Sharon's perhaps a scholar of Rhode

entering the house it was rather subdued
people sitting quietly and talking ensued
no background music or exciting sounds
purely academic talk making the rounds

Tino brought in the pan full of meat
Rose went and found a comfortable seat
she knew a few people neighbors from close by
but all the rest were unfamiliar to her eye

the food was set up as a classy buffet
all the dishes brought were pretentiously okay
sprouts, salads, cheeses and veggies galore
no sign of the meatloaf Rose was not one to ignore

Tino told her to relax and please calm down
must be an oversight she doesn't have to frown
Rose figured they were vegetarians and the meat grossed them out
her poor little meat squares had no real clout

Rose sat there and let it pass by
made small talk with some but the time didn't fly
finally she noticed people were having dessert
her meatloaf squares never made it to the table boy she was hurt

she knew she had done everything right
The guest of honor asked her to bring them tonight
true they weren't little balls of flavored meat
but in another form you still could eat

Rose walked over got off her seat
saw all the goodies that were rich and so sweet
there on the table more than just cake for them all
her meatloaf was center of the table a special call

the way they were cut and then assumed by the host
thought they were dessert and desired the most
Rose had to laugh at her tray full of meat
those idiots thought they were fudge brownies a much loved treat

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Todays Brekkies

Todays Brekkies

Omlette with mozerella, cheddar, tomato, onion and cream cheese.
very nom.

Here's how to make:

1) Chop up onion and tomato. Throw some oil in a pan along with half a pressed clove of garlic. Let the garlic start to sizzle a little (or wait for the oil to heat up and throw it in) then toss the mixture in there. Let it cook till the onions start to get soft, remove and put in a little dish
2) add some more oil (and some more garlic if you'd like, or garlic and grind some fresh pepper in there off the pepper mill) and pour the egg mixture in (I had egg, some pepper, salt, a bit of milk and 3/4ths an ounce of cream cheese)
3) Once it begins to harden on the bottom, lift up the edges with a spatula and tilt the pan allowing the runny portion on top to fill in the gap. keep doing that until the top becomes immobile
4) Start to scootch one side inward, I started on the right. Once you get halfway across, add the onion/tomato mixture in a line down the center along the ridge you've formed
5) fold the other side in on top over the whole thing
6) grate cheese over the whole thing
6a) if you have any leftover stuff (I had leftover onions) you can cook them in the pan where you now have space then put them on top. You can sorta see the grilled onions through the cheese there on the top
7) add a final coat of cheese over whatever you've put on top to seal it in place
8) put a lid over the pan and turn the heat off - this will allow the cheese on top to melt faster.
9) Stalk, Pounce and Eviscerate, much like Oprah stalking and devouring a helpless fudge brownie. You dont have to let out a baron-harkonen-style blood curdling scream though, or rub its guts all over your face (unless you really want to, but the things gonna be HOT.)

how to cook fudge

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